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Our Story

   In 1909, our contracting linage began as a Millwork Manufacturing Plant. As travel increased and the first takeout restaurants were introduced, the Millwork operation converted to a Fixtures Factory in the 1920s. The Fixtures Factory “nearly doubled in size during World War II, when it sent kitchen equipment to US military bases all over the world. By the end of the war, new bank branches and modern shopping centers took up the slack in business.” After three generations, the Fixtures Factory closed in 1988. However, the craftsmanship lives on. 


   In 2009, JWest Contractors began operation by setting a new standard of quality and professionalism within the luxury residential contracting industry. We set out to transform the landscape of luxury residential construction and client expectations by devoting all of our time, efforts, and resources into a few selected projects. This business model has allowed JWest to develop and maintain interpersonal relationships with our clients. Our focused business model of innovation and maximum efficiency results in construction of the nation's most desirable luxury residential facilities. JWest Contractors has completed hundreds of projects nationwide for many high-profile clients and publicly traded corporations. This higher standard of quality has nationally recognized JWest Contractors for building award winning and architecturally stunning structures. 

NYC HIC License #2101986-DCA

DOB License #623629


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Our Clients

Daymond John

As a Mentor to the Founder, I have noticed the passion and drive used to successfully scale this Company into a nationally recognized business. I look forward to continuing our relationship and observing a bright future ahead.  

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Francis J. Greenburger

I share a longtime professional relationship with JWest and a mutual passion for the arts with the Founder. These mutual interest and passions have allowed us to collaborate in philanthropic and business undertakings. I look forward to working towards many successes together.

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